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Corporate Social Responsibility

Intertrade carries out CSR activities in the contiguous areas around its 5 domestic service centre locations. A fixed component of the company’s earnings is earmarked for such activities.

Intertrade follows a structured approach to CSR. ‘Champions’ have been designated at each location who scout the villages around their plants and understand the basic needs of the villagers in education, health and environment. Once a need is identified, the CSR Champion outlines the project and ensures completion. Each year, a number of such projects are taken up, both big ticket initiatives as well as smaller ones.

Our CSR policy

Some of the recent initiatives of the Intertrade CSR team:

School at Jambhul village, Pune :

In Jambhul village, close to Intertrade’s Pune plants, the Gram Panchayat had set up a school infrastructure to cater to classes up to the 7th standard. Over the years, the population of the village had grown substantially as a result of which the school was unable to accommodate eligible students and approx. 120 students could not pursue secondary education. The Gram Panchayat was keen to create additional classrooms but did not have the required funds for it. Intertrade stepped in and constructed a block of 3 classrooms to accommodate 150 students. The new school building provides top-end classroom infrastructure for students from Jambhul fulfilling a long standing need for educational infrastructure in the vicinity of the village, and will act as a catalyst to improve literacy penetration in the area.

Junior college at Takwe village, Pune :

The existing Gram Panchayat school at Takwe village, close to Intertrade’s Pune plants, had the infrastructure to cater to students up to the 10th standard. Local students had to travel to Talegaon or Pimpri-Chinchwad, a good 20 – 45 km away, for higher education. Due to this commute, the drop out rate for students, especially girls, beyond the 10th standard was high. The Gram Panchayat was keen to extend this facility up to the junior college level but did not have the required funds for it. Intertrade constructed a junior college building at Takwe which not only fulfils a long standing need of the area but will act as a catalyst to improve the standard of education and literacy, especially for girls, in Takwe and contiguous villages, leading to higher levels of employment and growth of the local micro economy.

Junior College at Kanhe village, Pune :

The village at Kanhe, close to Intertrade’s Pune plants, had a secondary school run by a Trust. The Trust was keen to extend the school up to the junior college level but did not have adequate funds for constructing additional classes. Intertrade constructed a building to serve as a junior college for local students, to be upgraded in phases for degree programs. It is estimated that approximately 120 students will benefit from this facility annually.

Science Lab at Maratha High School, Worli, Mumbai :

Intertrade renovated the science laboratory at Maratha High School, BDD Chawl, Worli which was in a poor shape and the school did not have sufficient funds for its repairs.

Intertrade’s CSR volunteers closely supervised the project, meeting with school staff and trustees, conducting need assessment, and overseeing project execution.

The renovated science laboratory now boasts of best-in-class infrastructure with granite tops, epoxy flooring, et al.

School at Gonde village, Nashik :

The primary school building in Gonde village was in bad shape, with cracked walls, and heavy water seepage, not conducive to holding classes especially during the monsoon season. Gonde Grampanchayat had been actively following up with government agencies for grant of funds to repair the school without much success. They turned to Intertrade for help to construct three new classrooms for them. Intertrade stepped in, and after carrying out a need assessment survey, got the new school building constructed.

The new school building has dramatically improved the educational infrastructure of the Gonde village and provides an incentive of sorts to children to attend their classes regularly.

Junior college at Wadiware village, Nashik

Wadhiware village, near Intertrade’s Nashik plant, had educational facilities up to Std. 10. For further studies, students had to either travel to Nashik City, or to Igatpuri, both about 20 km away.

"Samaj Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’ which runs the local school was willing to extend its education facilities up to Std. 12 by starting a Jr. College but did not have the resources for it. Intertrade stepped in and funded the Jr. College building.

Intertrade’s initiative of constructing the Jr. College has helped improve the educational infrastructure at Wadiware and 13 surrounding villages.

In June ’13, the Arts division was started and 80% of its students were girls!

This is the first such initiative by a corporate in the industrial belt of Nashik.

Anganwadi at Gonde village, Nashik

Intertrade conceptualized, designed and financed the construction of an Anganwadi, an educational and recreational facility equipped with classrooms, and toys, at Gonde village in Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik District. 

This initiative was implemented as a joint endeavour of our employees, the local people and the Gram Panchayat of Gonde village. The Anganwadi was built on a 6,000 sq. ft. plot allotted by the Gram Panchayat and provides classrooms for students to study and play.

Childrens’ park at Kanhe village, Pune

Intertrade set up a Children’s play park, the first of its kind in Kanhe and contiguous villages. This play park is called ‘Mahindra Bal Udyan’ and has been a source of joy for kids as well as seniors of the village by providing to them a designated and well maintained area to play and have fun.

Street lighting of Gonde village, Nashik

Intertrade installed street light poles at Gonde village at Nashik. The street lights installed have energy saving CFL fixtures with timers to save energy. Each street light pole also carries a sustainability slogan. This project fulfills a long standing need for the villagers of Gonde.


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