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Financial and Logistics Services

Inspired by our Mission of achieving customer delight through value creation, we offer our customers services that go beyond steel and products. Our services basket includes:

  • Warehousing facilities
  • Logistics solutions
  • Financing, and,
  • Protection against forex risks


Our warehouses are located in proximate locations to our customers to ensure short lead times and just–in–time delivery. Being well connected to major highways, this ensures that products reach customers damage–free.


We provide end–to–end logistics solutions to our customers, from steel mills to delivery of the processed end–product at the customer’s doorstep. Our packaging and just–in–time services ensure that customers get the best, every time.


We provide financing support to our customers at competitive terms, to complement the services bouquet.


We offer forex risk – related services to our customers for steel imports to insulate them from exchange volatility.