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Pune II

Plant – II

Electrical (CRNO) : Slitting and Stampings

This state-of-the-art electrical stampings facility located at Kanhe (near Pune) processes Cold Rolled Non Grain Oriented Steel (CRNO), and semi processed CR steel, to cater to home appliance and electric motor industries. It is the first facility in the country to have a presence across the complete value chain from steel to stampings and offers to its customers top quality steel imported from overseas as well as from domestic steel mills, and has best–in–class manufacturing facilities for rotor and stator cores.

The state–of–the–art facility includes stamping presses, stress relieving, welding, Aluminium injection, rotor machining and testing.

Technical specifications

Slitting Line
Nittetsu Denji Corp., Japan

Thickness range : 0.18 mm to 1.20 mm
Width range : 300 mm to 1300 mm
Max number of slits : 25


Press I :
Aida Stamping Technology, Japan
Capacity : 300 t

Press II :
IngYu Precision Industries, Taiwan
Capacity : 125 t

Stress Relieving
Seco Warwick Allied Pvt. Ltd., India
Capacity : 1.5 tph

Rotor Aluminium Injection
TCS Molding Systems, Italy

Capacity : 13 to 15 seconds / rotor
Rotor diameter : 35 mm to 90 mm
Maximum stack length : 150 mm


Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Epstein frame core loss tester
Ring core loss tester
Franklin insulation tester

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