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Using state of the art equipment, Mahindra Intertrade Ltd. (MIL), now launches high quality purlins for use in the construction and solar segment. Installed at the MIL’s state of art service centre in Nashik (Maharashtra), medium and high tensile purlins are made using a fully automated roll-forming line, the best in its class in India.

MIL can provide purlins of C type and Z type, with variations thereof such as C+, C++, Z+ and Z++, as well as other sections. Purlins are manufactured using high quality CR galvanised steel, sourced from leading steel mills in India. Special grades of steel can be provided on request.

Purlins are made exacting to customers requirement, eliminating the need for cutting, welding and fabrication at site.

Typical Specifications

  • Thickness: 0.8 - 3.2mm
  • Length: 200 - 10000mm
  • Material: Cold Formed steel
  • Yield Strength: 300 - 550 MPa
  • Type: Galvanized/Galvalume


Z and C purlins are packed in strapped bundles (the actual quantity in each bundle will vary with section size, order and length). Special packing can be provided on request.

The PURTEC Advantage

  • High strength-to-weight ratio, achieved using premium grade steel sourced from leading steel mills.
  • Significant saving in steel usage and construction cost.
  • Superior finish and long life.
  • Quick installation time.
  • Made to high tolerance levels.
  • Pre-punched and customized to exact requirements.

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