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Electrical (CRGO) : Slitting / Transformer Lamination Cores stacks / Built-up Transformer cores

Mahindra Intertrade’s facility at Vadodara caters to the processed electrical steel requirements of transformer majors located in the Western region.

This plant uses state-of-the-art equipment sourced from Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik, Germany and Nittetsu Denji Corp., Japan.

Strategically located at Savli, 25 km from Vadodara, the plant is ideally situated to cater to the processed steel requirements of the transformer manufacturing hub in Gujarat.

Technical specifications

Slitting Line
Nittetsu Denji Corp., Japan

Thickness range : 0.18 mm to 1.00 mm
Width range : 25 mm to 1300 mm
Max number of slits : 25


Transformer Lamination Line
Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik, Germany

Width range : 100 mm to 1020 mm
Thickness range : 0.23 mm to 0.35 mm
Sheet length range (centre) : 500 mm to 5000 mm

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